Partnership Program

Chiboz Cookware was founded in 2017. We are the original manufacturers of high quality stainless steel pressure cooker accessories. Our products are 'Made in India'. The partnership program is intended for entreprenuers who want to accelerate their online income by working alongside with an established brand like Chiboz Cookware.




1. Who is this partnership program for?
The partnership program is for content creators, bloggers, social media enthusiasts and influencers in the cooking niche who want to earn and accelerate their online income.
2. How is this partnership different from various other affiliate opportunities?
The program offers 20% to affiliates as opposed to a measly 3% offered by the rest in the industry.
3. What is the demand for your products in the market?
Instant Pot has been the No.1 best selling product in the entire Kitchen and Dining category for several years now. As a niche manufacturer of "Instant Pot and Ninja Foodi Accessories" we carry exclusive products in our catalog which are in very high demand.
4. What kind of marketing support do you offer?
Our marketing support is unique in the industry which no other partnership program offers. We promote our partners on our thriving facebook groups which are exclusive to us and in other social media campaigns we run. Our partners get free highly relevant converting traffic without having to invest on paid traffic, SEO and other techniques which are ridiculously expensive and dont even work any more.
5. Can we provide the affiliate link to your Amazon listing?
Yes. As an entrepreneur you are free to choose the strategy that is appropriate for your business. However there are several reasons why being an amazon affiliate is not being profitable to many associates
i) Since April 21 2020 amazon has slashed the commisions in Home & Kitchen category from 8% to 3%
ii) Amazon affiliate cookies are valid only for 24 hours
iii) If the customer visits multiple affiliate sites that sends them to Amazon, the "FINAL" site's cookie will replace all the preceding ones. With more than 2 million affiliates in their program it actually boils down to luck on who gets that final cookie.
iv) If the customer makes 2 purchases in a 24 hour window just the first one counts
6. How are we getting higher conversion rates?
Customers today look for high quality products at affordable prices delivered to them promptly on niche websites. We go above an beyond and offer them an entire cooking experience with recipes, forums and customer support. We are laser focussed when it comes to customer satisfaction.
7. How does your dropshipping partnership work?
Our dropshipping partners get highly discounted prices on our products that they can include in their catalog. We have a Minimum Advertised Price(MAP) to safegaurd the price perception of our products and protect profitability of other partners. We allow dropshipping only on your own websites. Only our select partners can dropship on 3rd party markeplaces like ebay, walmart etc. Dropshipping on Amazon is not allowed. Please contact us at if you need more information on our dropshipping program.
8. Who takes care of the shipping and customer support?
In all our partnership programs we fulfill the orders, customer support and deal with returns and refunds. We offer priority 1-day, 2-day and standard shipping.
9. Do you take wholesale orders?
Yes. Please direct your wholesale enquiries to or call us at 407-801-8455.
10. Can you white label your products in our brand name?
11. Can you help us with custom stainless steel products?
Yes. As the original manufacture of stainless steel products we offer custom stainless steel mold services.